Services & Utilities

This page gives information about services and utilities available to UA students. This list is not a comprehensive representation of all possible service providers available in the area, but rather includes companies or services commonly used by UA students. Inclusion does not equate to an endorsement by the UA College of Pharmacy.

Tucson Convention & Visitor Bureau 100 S. Church Avenue 624-1817 Call and ask for "For Rent" magazine (listings of apartments), their housing guide, and maps of the city, rental areas and shopping malls, Specify whether you want to rent or buy.

University Career Services Student Union Memorial Center, Room 411 621-2588

Telephone & Internet Services

Phone New service, call Century Link at 1 866-642-0444. The set-up fee is about $27.50 and the lowest local phone service rate is around $12, not including possible taxes that may be added.

Call Cox at 1-888-738-5645. The set-up fee is free for Essential plan and the rate is around $17.99, excluding taxes.

Internet Visit Cox website or contact them at 520-300-5292 to learn more about their internet plans and service availability. Visit Century Link Website or contact them at (520) 884-2530 to learn more about their internet plans and service availability.

Visit the DIRECTTV website or call 1-877-798-6070 for information about TV and Internet packages. Rates start at $49.94. 

satellite Internet has been a trusted part of many Americans’ lives for years. It uses some of the most advanced satellite technology to bring top-quality high-speed satellite Internet to customers, regardless of where they live in the contiguous United States.

If you want high-speed Internet, but DSL and cable Internet service providers are unable or unwilling to reach you, HughesNet satellite Internet service could be an option for you. Don’t settle for dial-up, even if you live in a rural or remote region.

- See more at:

Electric & Gas Tucson Electric Power Company 623-7711(available 7AM-7PM), $13.50+tax service charge on 1st bill, for further questions you may call or email TEP at Southwest Gas 889-1888, or 1-800-428-7324, at least $80.00 deposit on 1st bill, depending on address and credit history. $35.00+tax connect charge on 1st bill.

Water Service Call City of Tucson's water department 791-3242. $25.00 activation fee for water and $15.00 on sewer. If possible, call two-three days before service is needed.

Fire Services

Fire services must be contracted through the Rural Metro Fire Department, if you live outside the city, 520-297-3600. Yearly fee, depending on square footage.

School Registration

Check the district offices in the blue pages of telephone book.

Driver's License The State of Arizona issues all drivers’ licenses. An out of state resident moving to Arizona has 30 days in which to apply for an Arizona license. It is required by law that the state of Arizona also be notified within 10 days of a change address. Students taking 7 units or more are not considered Arizona residents, and therefore do not need to apply for an Arizona Driver's License. If you plan on obtaining residency in Arizona, you have 30 days to apply for a license. Be prepared to pay $25.00 for your license, it seems a hefty fee, but it won’t expire until late in the 21st Century. You can also visit for basic services, or e-mail Driver’s License, Title & Registration (North) 7330 N. Shannon Rd. 629-9808 (Call Center) (Central) 3565 S. Broadmont 629-9808 (Call Center)

Emissions Inspection

Emissions inspections are required annually in Arizona. You must present the title to your vehicle at the time of testing, before registration of your vehicle. Contact the Arizona State Department of Environmental Quality, 628-5395 or 1-800-284-7748 (Car Care Hotline) for the testing station nearest you or visit

Voter Registration

A county office of the City Hall where you live can register you. Call the Pima County Recorder at 623-2649 for information. When you apply for an Arizona driver's license, the website also give you the option to register to vote at that time. You may also register to vote online at

Major Banks

Choose carefully, as not all banks offer the same services at the same prices. Many of the banks in the university area offer special deals for University employees and students. Be sure to ask your representative when setting up your new account. Also check into credit unions. University employees are eligible to joint Saguaro Credit Union and Arizona State Employees Savings and Credit Union.


Originally posted: October 2, 2014
Last updated: March 8, 2016
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